Kelly Reed’s Hanging with Friends

Friends! What would we do without them? I love hanging out with friends. So many different personalities. Everyone brings something unique to the table. Rasha and I have been friends for over 10 years. We are more like sisters. I shared my dream of owning a boutique with Rasha it was no surprise that she shared the same vision! (with her own twist of course) It was a no brainer to put our visions together to create Kelly Reed’s Boutique. The good thing about friends is that everyone knows someone. We’ve met some amazing people and recently I had the pleasure of celebrating one of our dear friends birthday. Happy Birthday Okie! I had a wonderful time at the First Chance Last Chance Bar in Ybor City. Okie had the outside patio setup to provide a nice ambiance. Okie even had a drink named after him. It was very refreshing with a kick! Unfortunately Rasha was traveling across the country so she could not join us in celebrating with Okie.  We had to show her how much fun we were having without her. I don’t really know what Areis is doing with that pickle but it was suppose to make Rasha jealous. I had a great time hanging with friends. Happy birthday Okie!








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