Fall Fashion Challenge Day 5

Hello Kelly Reed followers!!

As you know, Monique Reed challenged me to face my resentment with fall wear. The challenge was for me to dress for the fall season using pieces from my closet for a full WEEK!! This was quite difficult for me because I am a true Florida girl who loves the sun, a good tank top, sundress and a pair of flip-flops. I am not afraid to say that I did struggle with this challenge. If you review my looks from Day 1- Day 5, you with notice that I started off a little rocky because this is not my forte. However, due to my competitive nature, I would never pass up a challenge. Throughout the week I began planning more and mixing and matching pieces from my closet and I found my way. By the end of the week, this Fall forward challange actually taught me something about myself. I finally realized why I dread the fall and winter seasons. I noticed that my mood began to change from fall to winter and I would feel down or solemn. In my mind, fall symbolized cool weather, changes in scenery such as, leaves changing colors, leaves falling, flowers dying, dark or gloomy weather and the end of something. This challenge allowed me to embrace this time of year and add my personality to it. Now, I can really Fall forward and have  fun with fall fashions and try new looks. Stay tuned, because I will be back with a winter wear challenge!!  Please comment or share some of your favorite Fall forward looks. Thank you Mrs. Reed for joining in on the challenge with me.


XOXO ~Rasha Kelly~

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