Introducing The Women of Kelly Reed’s Boutique

We are Rasha KELLY and Monique REED of Tampa, Florida and the proud founders of Kelly Reed’s Boutique. Together we have combined our style and love of fashion to create this site. We feel like all women are beautiful, no matter what size they are. However, the secret and most important piece to feeling beautiful and fabulous is CONFIDENCE. All you need is a Smile, a Dream and Confidence and you will SOAR.

Our motto is:

“Aimer Vos Coubes” which means “Love Your Curves”plus-size-clothes-kelly-reeds-icon


2 thoughts on “Introducing The Women of Kelly Reed’s Boutique

  1. E. Kelly says:

    I made my first purchase today! I am anxiously awaiting for my new top! I LOVE the color and all the choices I have in selecting a new wardrobe. God bless you for this easy way of shopping!!!

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